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AZL offers a very nice representation of the center beam flat car in z scale. These are a very common site on today's railroads, usually seen loaded with lumber or other building materials. Here is a little info on the prototype from AZL. Centerbeam flatcars, centerbeams or center partition railcars are specialty cars designed for carrying bundled building supplies such as dimensional lumber, wallboard, and fence posts. They are essentially bulkhead flatcars that have been reinforced by a longitudinal I-beam, often in the form of a Vierendeel truss, sometimes reinforced by diagonal members. They must be loaded symmetrically, with half of the payload on one side of the centerbeam and half on the other to avoid tipping over.
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AZL 90357-1 Z Scale NOKL Centerbeam Flat Car AZL 903551 Z Scale BNSF Centerbeam Flat Car
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