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Our Used/Ebay page has been moved to

Our used/ebay page has been a huge hit and to better service the items of interest we come across, we have moved the listings to the blog site TrainLots.Com. The site features z scale along with O, HO & N Scale with some real trains thrown in. On the "Highest Selling" page, there is a search for the highest current listings on ebay and the highest sell price for the last 90 days broken down by scale. It really is a fun thing to check out! Visit the site and bookmark, it get's updated several times a week and is an easy quick look at what is listed on ebay and other sites.

ebay can be a great source for hard to find z scale items. We spend a lot of time on ebay linking listings that we think may be of interest to our users. Make sure you check back on a regular basis as we will try to add new and interesting items and auctions.